Our Mission At Seventh Dimension Sound

There is a lot of companies in this area who provide similar services as SDS.  The key to success for SDS is to not just offer up the same service, but to do it a way that is completely different from the others. To create that distinguishing characteristic, that unique factor that makes the statement, "SDS is a step ahead.  SDS is the leader of the entertainment scene in the Ohio Valley and beyond."

While services, pricing, and promotion are all important elements, our future success depends on identifying and living up to the promises our Mission Statement outlines below:


SDS is committed to being a high performance regional Entertainment Company.  We are dedicated to providing superior services to meet the entertainment needs of our customers now and in the future.

The success of SDS, as judged by our customers, employees, and sponsors, will be measured not only by our profits, but by our quality of service, standards of business ethics, innovation, and contributions to the communities we serve.


Everyone at SDS believes that strict adherence to the spirit contained in this statement will set SDS apart from our competition. And by us following this statement, you will see why SDS is simply "The Best Damn Entertainment Company In The Ohio Valley...And Beyond".